Planet Eden – Intense Repair 40% Lactic Acid Skin Peel Kit


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Your skin will be glowing in no time with this powerful lactic and glycolic acid kit. Lactic acid is a gentler and milder acid that ramps up collagen and elastin in the lower layers of skin giving a younger appearance over time. Revitalizes dull, sun damaged, tired skin and lightens sun damage/hyperpigmentation over time with consistent use. Firms, tones, and restores youthful glow, shrinks enlarged pores. Removes dead skin and pore clogging debris to unclog pores and effectively treat breakouts. This kit is made for individuals who want to see results with use for brighter and younger looking skin.Included is the Retinol and Hyaluronic Serum with the strongest amount of retinol allowed. Retinol and Hyaluronic Serum is a nightly, anti-aging serum that minimizes fine lines and deep wrinkles, firms, evens skin tone and boosts radiance to give you a more vibrant, youthful complexion. 30% is ideal for beginners and those with dry/sensitive skin, please research whether a glycolic peel is right for your skin. ATTENTION: Please do the proper research to select the proper strength for your skintype, these acids will take 4-5 applications to get the right timing for your skin. Results vary from person to person. STRENGTH RECOMMENDATIONS: Dry/sensitive skin and beginners (who are not overly oily) should not use anything higher than 30-40% strength. Combination to semi-oily skin should start with 40%-50% strength. Experienced peel users and/or oily/resistant skin should use 60-70%. All peels can be diluted with water to lessen strength. YOU WILL NEED A SKIN PEEL NEUTRALIZER TO STOP THE SKIN PEEL. This is an acid and when applied to the skin may cause side effects including redness, swelling and peeling. Directions are included with every order and should be followed carefully to ensure safe use of product. Individuals new to skin peels or individuals with sensitive skin are recommended to use the lowest percentage acids and build tolerance to the acids with use.


  • Dermatologist grade lactic acid, strong AHA acid to give more younger radiant skin.
  • 1 bottle yields about 12-18 peels
  • Same peel administered in dermatologist office at more than $75-$300 per peel. Safe and effective.
  • Kit includes: 1 oz 40% Dermatologist grade lactic acid, Hyaluronic Acid and Retinol Serum (1 oz) ,detailed instructions, high quality fan brush
  • Unbuffered lactic acid gives a deep peel with fast results


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