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This incredibly indulgent milk chocolate mask is loaded with organic skin loving ingredients to hydrate, detox and exfoliate your stressed, dry skin. The smell is of rich milk chocolate. Organic al Natural Cocoa Powder (not processed) is high in polyphenols and antioxidants that nourish and strengthen your skin. Promotes collagen production for tighter skin and less noticeable wrinkles and fine lines. Fights and detoxes blemishes, giving skin a beautiful natural glow. Contains 15% lactic acid for a gentle and effective exfoliation of dead skin cells, reveals soft and healthy skin. Lactic acid will over time lighten sun damage and hyperpigmentation of the skin, revealing tighter and a more even skin tone. Lactic acid is hydrating to the skin and leaves your skin aby soft. Kaolin Clay is a gentle and nourishing detoxifying clay that will pull out impurities from your skin. Leaving skin soft and healthy. Organic honey powder is famous for its high amounts of antioxidants and has natural antibacterial properties (great for acne prone skin). Goats Milk Powder is a wonderful skin conditioner and contains natural lactic acid for skin exfoliation. Goats milk has the same PH as your skin and is super hydrating and calming to stressed skin. Rosehip oil's vitamin A is known to promote healthy skin cell rejuvenation, which causes skin to glow and appear fresh and supple. The rejuvenation works on normal skin and also skin damaged by damage from the sun. The vitamin C in rosehip oil reduces the appearance of dark spots, aging spots and hyper-pigmentation. If you suffer from dryness or eczema, nourishing rosehip oil will calm and moisturize your skin with regular application. NOT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN - AHA's can be too strong for younger skin!


  • Incredibly indulgent spa quality organic milk chocolate mask with lactic acid
  • 15% Lactic Acid for effective exfoliation of dead skin - gives glowing skin
  • Kaolin Clay detoxes congested skin and draws out impurites for a healthy glow
  • Nourishing organic cocoa, goats milk, honey and rose hip oil deeply nourish all skin types
  • Contains natural Vitamin A, C and E for superior anti aging benefits to combat fine lines, wrinkles and stimulate collagen production.


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